Reimagine Retail

Retail is anywhere and everywhere. In store, at home, or on the go, you can buy the things you need, and discover the things you want.

To stay competitive, brands must engage shoppers in conversation, pique their interest, make them curious, and connect with them in the right places at the right times. That‘s what we do at TPN.

We are a new kind of retail marketing agency: born in tradition, fueled by innovation, and living at the intersection of commerce and imagination.

TPN. We reimagine retail.

Featured Program: TPN and Thomas’ Tap into Food Truck Culture

This month, TPN and Thomas’ launched the return of Thomas’ Breakfast Battle by inviting 50 food trucks nationwide to compete for the best Thomas’ breakfast creation. Fans vote daily to help Thomas’ crown a victor – and enter for a chance to win $5,000! Feast your eyes on the competition at www.thomasbreakfastbattle.com  

Two TPNers honored as Women of Excellence

We are thrilled to announce that our Senior Managing Director, Sarah Cunningham and Managing Director, Shopper Marketing, Nancy Shamberg are being honored at the Shopper Marketing Expo as Women of Excellence by the Path to Purchase Institute. Congrats, Sarah and Nancy!

Featured Report: Shopping in the Flow

Check out the fall issues of Shopper Marketing Magazine for our Shopping in the Flow report Parts 1-3, where we detail how retail technology continues to accelerate the collapsing of the purchase funnel and provide strategies for how to succeed in today’s retail landscape as shopping becomes a deconstructed set of behaviors that are integrated into the daily flow of life. www.shoppermarketingmag.com