Reimagine Retail

Retail is anywhere and everywhere. In store, at home, or on the go, you can buy the things you need, and discover the things you want.

To stay competitive, brands must engage shoppers in conversation, pique their interest, make them curious, and connect with them in the right places at the right times. That‘s what we do at TPN.

We are a new kind of retail marketing agency: born in tradition, fueled by innovation, and living at the intersection of commerce and imagination.

TPN. We reimagine retail.

Best CEO in Dallas and #5 Top Place to Work

We are thrilled to announce that our CEO, Sharon Love was honored as the Top CEO for a midsize company in Dallas and TPN earned #5 in the Top Places to Work rankings conducted by Dallas Morning News. We are celebrating our 3rd consecutive year to be named to the list.

Featured Program: Gameday with NatureSweet

Everyone knows they need a big spread for the big game. That’s why everyday from January 5th to February 1st, NatureSweet is going all out by giving shoppers the chance to win up to $1,000 for Game Day Food! Party Playbooks  will also be given away in-store to provide shoppers with winning recipes, game day snack solutions and money-saving coupons. You are sure to be the Gameday MVP with NatureSweet!

Featured Program: #REESESGameday

This football season, REESE’S teamed up with Jeff Foxworthy to bring fans the ultimate Playoff Pandemonium experience! The Playoff Pandemonium program featured Ref Foxworthy as the authority on all gameday fun, offering fans tips and ways to enjoy the playoffs by adding Reese’s to their gameday playbook.  

The REESE’S Playoff Pandemonium Program is a fully-integrated campaign that includes disruptive in-store POS and an SMS campaign encouraging fans to opt in for additional REESE’S Rules from the Ref to receive a coupon as a incentive for future REESE’S purchase. Digitally, we re-vamped the Reese’s Promotional Microsite to include the Reese’s Rules, Recipes, and tips as well as hilarious videos from Jeff Foxworthy as the Reese’s Referee. A strong social media push included posts from the brand and Jeff himself asking fans to engage. The program runs 12/26 through 2/2.