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Thomas' - Top It Like A Texan

Thomas’, the nation’s #1 breakfast brand in the bread aisle, had little awareness in Texas, which meant that there was a huge opportunity for the brand in the Lone Star State. Based on Texas-specific shopper research, Top It Like a Texan was born. An integrated campaign designed to increase awareness of the Thomas’ brand, Top it Like a Texan centered around “Texifying” the Thomas’ signature products by adding local flavors and tastes. Thomas’ partnered with a celebrity chef, Fort Worth’s Tim Love, to showcase how to split, toast and top Thomas’ English Muffins and Bagels like a true Texan. Our mix of sampling events, targeted media and customized content was a perfect recipe for results that were, like everything in Texas, BIG. After the campaign, Thomas’ experienced 10% growth in sales and 3% growth in household penetration.